Frequently Asked Questions



Estimates/Deck Scanning $200

· A general estimate will be provided at no cost. A quote requires the deck of the boat to be scanned. This scanning deposit is deducted from the final cost once the job has been completed. This scan does not include any design work and is only used for a quote. This deposit is non-refundable. 

· Once the approval to proceed has been given, the design will begin. When a design has been approved, 50% of the total cost of the job will be required before cutting of material begins and is non-refundable once cutting begins. The balance is to be paid once the floor installation is complete. 


Fishing Floor Sheet Material - CALL For Current Sheet Pricing

· This includes scanning, design, CNC cutting and installation. Decks must be completely clean prior to installation of Fishing Floor material. Sheets measure 40x80 inches.

Promotional Priced Fishing Floor Sheet Material - CALL for Current Sheet Promotional Pricing 

· This includes scanning, design, CNC cutting and installation. Promotional price is valid until  September 1, 2019.

Logos $100 Each

· Logos are $100 each. Logo must be provided in a DXF format. Custom Logos can be designed at a rate of $100 per hour.

Removal of old EVA foam $100 Per Piece

· Removal of old EVA foam is the responsibility of the customer. Foam must be completely removed including the adhesive. Foam removed by Fuller CNC Creations LLC is billed at $100 per piece. If large sections must be removed, it will be billed at $100 per square foot.

Minimum Order

 Minimum order will be 2 sheets.

  Colored material not in stock requires a 10 sheet minimum, ordered in increments of 10 sheets. 

Care of Fishing Floor



Storing in a dark area (i.e. no sunlight) will protect colors from potential fading.

· Fishing Floor decking is very durable, but for longevity after installation, it is recommended that the boat (or any other surface of application) be covered.  (Examples include keeping the boat: in a garage, covered with a canvas boat cover, or in a covered boat slip/shed, etc.).  

Situations to avoid

•  Long-term storage of items on the decking such as inflatable pool toys, tools or water bottles. Keep decking away from reflective surfaces or from under glass.  These objects can refract/reflect light, thereby concentrating the beams to a level which can be destructive to the decking.

•  Spills and messes on the decking.  Clean immediately to reduce possible staining. Some materials can stain the decking if not promptly removed.  Examples include mustard, fish hooks left to rust and bird droppings.

How to clean Fishing Floor decking

** For best cleaning results, tend to all stains, spills and leaks As-Soon-As-Possible**

1.  To clean dirt, footprints, etc. from your decking, use an all-purpose cleaner, and warm water along with a medium bristled deck brush.

Put the cleaner in warm water. Take a medium bristled brush and dunk into the soapy water. Work around on the decking until dirt, etc. comes up.  Rinse with water and repeat if necessary.

2. To remove suntan lotion, use the all-purpose cleaner alone with a medium bristled deck brush.

Put small amount of the all-purpose cleaner on oil. Dip medium bristled boat brush in warm water and work around until oil is out. Rinse with water. Repeat if needed.

3. To remove fish blood, use 1 cup bleach to 1 gallon of warm water and soft brush.

Mix bleach and water take soft bristled brush and dunk in water. In a circular motion clean decking until fish blood is up. Rinse with water.  Repeat if necessary. If not effective, see step 4.

4. To remove rust stains, use a cap full of Hull Cleaner for fiberglass.

Apply on the rust stain and allow to soak for 3-5 minutes. If necessary, use latex/nitrite gloves to massage the cleaner into the brushed or embossed texture of the decking. Rinse with water.  Repeat if necessary, the rust stain will eventually be removed.

With hull cleaner or any solvent, avoid getting it on the sides of the decking. This can damage the lamination or pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA).

Please be careful with all cleaning products. Wear vinyl or nitrite gloves and eye protection.



• Mineral Spirits

• Hull Cleaner (not as a general cleaner, okay for Step 4 application only)

• Acetone (if it must be used, avoid the adhesives as best as possible)

• Bleach (if used, dilute 1:1 with water)